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Personal accident insurance

A worry less in the field

Why take out this accident insurance for the self-employed with Plus Ultra Seguros?

We have designed this accident insurance specifically for self-employed agricultural workers. As such, it has been adapted to your everyday needs. With Agro Plus Accidentes insurance for the self-employed, you can rest assured that you will receive the best assistance if anything happens, as well as having the security and stability you want for your family.

Benefits of this insurance

Adapted to your circumstances

A complete and specific insurance for everyone whose activity is carried out in the agricultural and stock-breeding sector.

Protected at all times

Agro accidents Plus guarantees the best coverage for your professional activity and private life, 24 hours a day.

Customise your insurance

Include coverage such as healthcare or daily indemnities in the event of hospitalisation or temporary disability and complete your insurance to meet your needs.

Personal accidents insurance farming

Main coverage

With Accidents agro Plus you guarantee an indemnity for your beneficiaries for the amount you decide in the event of death due to accident. The indemnity will be paid both if death occurs immediately or as a result of the after-effects of the accident in the next two years. 

In addition, this cover includes an additional sum of 2,000 euros for burial and similar expenses.

Furthermore, it has an additional sum of up to 2,000 euros for possible Agroseguro premiums, paid for the new season before the accidental death occurred, provided the insurance is taken out and renewed through Plus Ultra Seguros.

Optional coverage

If as a result of an accident or an illness you cannot practice your profession and you are in a situation of temporary incapacity for more than seven days, with this cover you will receive a daily indemnity depending on the days you are on sick leave and the limits of our scale.


This insurance is aimed at persons who undertake their activity in the farming area, whether they are growers, breeders or cooperative staff; it is also for persons working in fish farms, veterinary practices, agri-forestry and self-employed professionals from the sector.

Agro Accidents Plus is aimed at people that are between 18 and 65 years of age when including them in the insurance policy. Those customers with an effective insurance policy will see it renewed annually until they reach 70 years of age.

The insurance is distinguished by its flexibility. You can choose between making a lump sum payment annually, or pay in six-monthly or quarterly instalments.

Why choose Plus Ultra Seguros?


When you take out an insurance policy for the self-employed to cover agricultural accidents, you decide the indemnity amount you want and the cover you are most interested in.

Exclusive services

With this insurance you will have access to services adapted to agricultural activity, such as compensation for Agroseguro premiums in the event of death or disability.

Complete protection

Your agricultural accident insurance for self-employed people offers you 24-hour coverage and the option of including guarantees such as healthcare and travel assistance.