Dangerous Goods Civil Liability

Dangerous goods civil liability

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What is Dangerous goods civil liability insurance?

Dangerous goods civil liability insurance offers self-employed people protection in the event of any damage to third parties caused during the course of transporting hazardous goods by road.

Benefits of this insurance for the self-employed

Specific protection

Protection designed for the transportation of dangerous goods, including damage through accidental contamination.

High limits of indemnity

We guarantee high indemnity limits allowing you to carry out your professional self-employed activity with peace of mind.


We offer ad-hoc protection for all types of self-employed people, adapting it to the type of vehicles driven and to the dangerous goods transported.

Personalised Customer Service

We make available a team of qualified professionals specialising in liability insurance to solve any doubts.

Hazardous Goods

Insurance coverage

The transportation of dangerous goods can give rise to situations which are very complicated to resolve, with significant financial consequences to your company because of the serious nature of the damage that could be caused to third parties. 

Having a specific insurance policy such as civil liability for dangerous goods will facilitate the resolution of any claims received for the exercise of your professional activity and will be responsible for the compensation arising from any damages caused. 

We offer you cover on national territory with a possibility of extending it to the rest of the countries of the European Union.

Types and exclusions

There are two ways of taking out Dangerous goods civil liability insurance so you can choose the one best suited to your needs and those of your company:

  • Based on the number of vehicles identified in the insurance by their number plates
  • Based on the company's turnover


This insurance is aimed at self-employed workers involved in the transport of dangerous goods who wish to have specific protection to carry out their professional activity.

Yes, all economic activities are subject to environmental liability. Of course, activities which have deposits or pipes for fuel and other dangerous substances, especially underground, facilities with the capacity to cause a fire, large warehouses, waste deposits, etc., entail a greater risk. 

It is wrong to think that large industries cause the greatest risk. Medium-sized or small companies have the potential to generate environmental damage repair of which has a cost higher than their financial capacity.

Why take out Public liability insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?


You will be able to adapt your public liability insurance for hazardous goods to your professional activity as a self-employed individual and choose the type of policy you need depending on the type of company you have.

The best professionals

Our experts in civil liability insurance will help you design the specific solution you require to cover the transport of dangerous goods.


We offer you the best cover for claims filed with respect to the transportation of hazardous goods, including public liability for accidental contamination.