General Civil Liability

General Civ Liab

Public liability insurance for self-employed people

Protect your assets

What is Civil liability insurance for self-employed workers?

The aim of General civil liability insurance for self-employed workers is to ensure the continuity of your professional activity or business in the event of any unforeseen circumstances that involve the payment of compensation for damages to third parties. Expenses arising from your legal defence will also be included.

Advantages of this insurance

For every activity

We offer different types of civil liability insurance so that you can choose the one that best suits your professional activity as a self-employed worker.

Broad indemnities

We offer you broad indemnity limits for each of the covers from which you can choose according to your business activity.

Complete protection

We guarantee from possible third-party compensation claims to legal expenses and defending your interests.

Specialist advice

We expedite contracting procedures by placing at your disposal a team of professionals specialised in public liability.

General civil liability

Insurance coverage

We will take care of indemnities resulting from claims for damage caused to third parties which may arise within the scope of your normal business activity. Among the situations covered are:

  • The carrying out of the business activities specific to the company whether inside or outside your premises
  • Your employees' actions in the performance of their professional activity
  • Any damage arising from using machinery employed in the normal work carried out by the company
  • Storage and transportation of merchandise object of the commercial or industrial process
  • Damage that may arise as a result of your company participating in trade fairs and exhibitions

Other coverage

The most important thing for you, as a self-employed worker, is to have solutions that adapt to your activity and a team of professionals who will advise you to find the perfect insurance scheme. Please do not hesitate to ask us for information on the other cover options of our General civil liability insurance for companies such as: 

  • Subsidiary civil liability 
  • Personal injuries to the staff of subcontractors
  • Removal 
  • Joining and mixing 
  • Public liability through accidental contamination 
  • Hot work/welding 
  • Damage to adjacent items and piping 
  • Damage to employees' personal effects 


This insurance is aimed at those companies that want to enjoy tailor-made protection in the event of a claim for damage by third parties.

This insurance offers you a wide range of essential covers and additional extensions that complement your tailor-made protection.

You will find all the options on this same page, in the sections "Main coverage" and "Other coverage".

Public liability insurance is of the utmost importance. By law, you must rectify any property damage, personal injury or damages caused to a third party or employee for the acts and omissions of both yourself and the individuals you are responsible for.

Everybody knows how important this type of insurance is, as the individual or entity that causes damages to a third party might not be able to pay the amount needed to rectify them. Therefore, for some activities it is compulsory to take out public liability insurance (either professional liability insurance or motor vehicle liability insurance). However, other types of liability insurance, such as home liability insurance, are optional and will depend on the risk the insured wishes to cover.

Why take out public liability insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros?

Personalised Customer Service

Enjoy a personalised service that will guide you during the contracting process and during the processing of any claim.

Complete protection

Our coverage will offer you all the protection you need and will provide you with the peace of mind you need to carry out your work without any surprises.


We have designed this public liability insurance for the self-employed so it is easy and straightforward to use.