Trade Insurance

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What is Trade insurance?

Trade insurance offers you tailor-made insurance solutions for your business, which will be perfectly adapted to the needs of your professional activity as a self-employed worker, with innovative coverage and top-quality services. Because we know how important your business is for you, this insurance will help you protect it.

Advantages of this insurance

Adaptable insurance

Our coverage can be adapted to your business' needs, and we offer the option of declaring a second business activity.

Extensive coverage

You will enjoy all the coverage you require, from essential covers to protect your business activity to more innovative complementary covers.


Protection for the establishment and its installations, for your goods and merchandise, including your electronic equipment and machinery and even objects of special value.


Insurance coverage

We take care of the material damage sustained by your goods and installations due to fire, including fires caused by explosions or lightning, as well as any damage arising from fire fighting operations.

The damage caused by accidental smoke spillage, whether due to a fire or not, is also covered.

Optional coverage

A cover aimed at protecting your profits in case you are prevented from carrying out your business activity in a normal way due to an accident. There are three modalities available: daily indemnity, loss of gross profits and loss of rents.


This insurance is aimed at all type of companies whose main business is the sale of goods and services, including those who carry on an industrial activity that occupies 25% of the premises at the most.

If your business is based in an office, we have also designed a suitable option with Oficinas insurance.

We consider a container to the building or premises where the commercial activity insured is carried on, including the walls, foundations, ceilings, doors and windows which make it up. In addition, adjacent constructions with similar characteristics such as warehouses, garages and storage rooms located on the same property.

Aerials and sign boards belonging to the premises insured and possible recreational or sports installations are considered a container.


Those items insured the premises insured, including the establishment's furniture and non-fixed decorative items. The machinery, electronic equipment, work tools and implements necessary for carrying out the activity insured are also included in content.

Goods, packaging, spares and products for sale form part of the content. In our Trade insurance we offer you the option of declaring seasonal stock, if during specific periods of the year the value of the goods on the premises is higher than usual. You will also have the option of including a margin of 20% of the sum insured for these goods in the event of possible fluctuations

If your business involves your employees transporting goods to deliver them, you will be interested in our transported goods cover. With it, we will cover damage that they sustain because of fire, lightning and explosion; overturning or fall of the transport vehicle as well as crash or collision with another fixed or mobile body; or through robbery committed by threatening the safety of the people carrying out the transportation.


Yes. You have the possibility of including changes to the container made to improve your premises within your policy. You will only pay for the corresponding share of the container that you have improved with your investment.

Furthermore, in order to cover the most frequent damage and avoid it affecting the normal progress of the activity if it is not part of the improvement work, we recommend insuring a sum for the container at first risk.   

Why take out our Trade insurance?

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