Total loss car market value

Your car for another one

In the event of total loss of your car, we offer you a replacement

Your car for another one

It is a new service for which, if your vehicle has been declared a total write-off, we will manage the search and processing of another vehicle. With all the guarantees and minimum inconvenience, we will make several used vehicle options available to you.

Benefits of this service

By your side

Personalised attention and advice from the very first moment.


Comprehensive management in a single procedure.


Save time and travel.

Peace of mind

We offer you a one-year warranty with no mileage limit.

Make the most of your insurance

Replacement of your insurance for the unused period.

Free service

First service free at our AutoPresto workshop network.

How does it work?

After declaring the total loss of the vehicle, we will inform you of the different options we provide:

  • Compensation together with a purchase offer for the damaged vehicle;
  • Replacement vehicle, taking care of all the procedures related to the purchase and sale and also of the damaged vehicle.

How can I access this service?

Simply for having your Car Insurance with Plus Ultra Seguros, you can now enjoy it.