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Insurance for vans, caravans and motor homes

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What does insurance for vans, caravans and motorhomes offer you?

As not all vehicles are the same, apart from offering you better protection for cars, we make available a solution for derivative vehicles such as vans, trailers or towable caravans, with an extensive number of covers and services from which to choose with your insurer.

Advantages of this insurance

Taking out our insurance for vans and motorhomes will give you big benefits:

The best solution

If you already have insurance for your car, this will be the best solution for your van, trailer or towable caravan.


We have advisors who specialise in all types of vehicles so that taking out the insurance is easy and conforms with what you really need.

Extensive coverage

From essential compulsory and voluntary civil liability protection to other optional guarantees such as for theft, fire or roadside assistance, it is all covered with our van, caravan and motorhome insurance.

Defending your interests

We offer you a legal aid service that defends your interests in cases of official infringements and in claims for damage.


Main coverage

The van and motorhome insurance guarantees the compensation stated by law as a result of damage to third parties caused by the insured vehicle. Apart from compulsory civil liability, this cover also includes voluntary civil liability, which extends the coverage stipulated by law and may amount to up to 50 million euros. 

Additional coverage

This covers damage sustained by the vehicle insured while in circulation, idle, or being moved.


It is intended for all those who wish to insure vehicles other than their usual car, for private use, such as caravans, motorhomes or vans.

If you have a caravan, don't forget its maximum authorised mass (MAM, which includes the weight of the vehicle, the passengers, the cargo and the fuel). If this is less than 750 kg, it is considered a trailer and the insurer must be informed for it to be included in the insurance of the towing vehicle. That way, the vehicle insurance will cover damage to third parties.

If, on the other hand, the caravan's MAM is more than 750 Kg, it must have its own insurance. Caravans that are in fixed places have the same coverage as a home insurance policy and, of course, the majority of the insurance policies cover damage that is of most concern to owners: burst pipes, fire, theft, windows, as well as any damage caused by a weather phenomenon.

Motorhomes are classes as vehicles and require specific insurance to drive and to protect the motorhome and its contents. This insurance, its price and coverage will depend on the model, features and specification of motorhome.

Although not all campsites require this, and they are obliged to have public liability insurance, our recommendation is that, at least, your caravan should be insured with additional public liability policy for any third-party damage, since sometimes the campsite's PL insurance is not sufficient to cover damage to third parties caused by your caravan.

Why take out a vans and motor home policy with Plus Ultra Seguros?

Because it will provide the support of a large insurer and all the advantages it offers.


Because we know that everyone's needs are different, so you will choose what you want to include in your policy.

Personalised Customer Service

We believe in people, which is why we want to deal with you directly, to help you every step of the way.

The best professionals

We put a wide range of professionals at your disposal, to make sure dealing with us is simple and effective.