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Plus Ultra Seguros vehicle insurance is designed to adapt to each person, to their needs and preferences. As a vehicle insurer, we have the best coverage on the market to protect you and your vehicle in any circumstances.

Set aside your worries with Plus Ultra Seguros insurance for vehicles 

Do you use your car as a regular means of transport or only occasionally? Do you drive a van for your business? Do you like driving on the weekends? Because we're all different, we offer you a choice. With the largest network of workshops and services at your disposal, vehicle replacement services, legal defence and the possibility of including theft, fire and personal damage coverage.

Cars, motorcycles, caravans, vessels... 

With our vehicle insurance you will be covered for compulsory civil liability and even voluntary civil liability. You will also be able to take out additional guarantees. Our advisers will help you take out with your insurance company the insurance that best suits your needs.