Fully comprehensive car insurance

As comprehensive as you choose

What does our insurance policy offer you?

Our @utomatic fully comprehensive car insurance provides you a complete and flexible insurance, as well as the chance to choose the level of protection you want for your vehicle. It includes the best cover, so you can keep enjoying your car as you have from the start, and our exclusive AutoPresto service comes with advantages such as a free courtesy vehicle.

Benefits of this insurance

Maximum performance

Fully comprehensive @utomatic offers the best protection for your car, from the most essential guarantees through to more specific requirements.

Complete protection

Our insurance protects your car completely: whether against accident damage due to a collision, theft, a broken windscreen, or a collision with an animal on a public highway.

As individual as your car

You choose. Adapt your insurance to fit perfectly with what you're looking for. Child safety equipment and other accessories can be included if you wish.


Enjoy services such as our management service, mechanics helpline, and comprehensive travel assistance.

Motor all risks insurance

Main coverage

This cover protects your car against any damages that could arise from different incidents, such as a collision with another car, animal, or object; external elements such as weather, or the collapse of land, bridges, or roads; or from acts of vandalism or malicious acts caused by a third party.

This can be extended to cover damaged caused to luggage, child travel safety systems, or to cover driving on unsuitable routes.

In all cases you have the option to take out cover with our without an excess.

Optional covers

@utomatic fully comprehensive is so flexible that it can be taken out in separate units with ample optional covers which allow you to enjoy unique motor insurance, among which, apart from those already seen in the main covers, the following stand out:

  • Legal advice helpline: for issues connected with your car, property, family or work.
  • Replacement vehicle: you can choose between the basic type where you will have a vehicle in the event of accident or breakdown for a maximum of 7 days, or 30 days under the extended option.
  • Legal & administrative service: We offer services and we bear the costs if you need to obtain a duplicate of the documentation of the vehicle in the event of a loss, as well as helping you with formalities such as buying a vehicle or getting rid of it.
  • The best advice: We help you with such important aspects as psychological assistance after a loss, the personal assistance or mechanical advice by telephone with information about maintenance services or mechanical enquiries.

Whichever solution you choose, it will be a wise choice

Discover the benefits of AutoPresto

Free collection and delivery

Preferential assessment and repairs

Free courtesy vehicle

General assessment of the vehicle

Free clean

Guaranteed repairs for 3 years

€60 discount on excess for fully comprehensive policies

Retention of bonus for own damages

Find your closest AutoPresto workshop

Find your closest AutoPresto workshop

Because we know how important your car is for you, leave it in the best hands during its servicing and enjoy the benefits offered by our network of AutoPresto workshops.

Find your workshop


The all risks Insurance has been devised for drivers who use their car frequently and wish to have full protection which, in its turn, is adaptable to their specific needs.

In the event of you being liable for a loss, the excess applies to the actual damage, but may also apply to covers such as fire, theft or glass. This type of contract allows you to take out a product with all risk coverage at a lower price.

These amounts, which can fluctuate from 100 up to 1,200 euros, enable the party insured to only have to meet an excess in the case of a loss with a high cost of repair, and not the whole amount of the repair.

This insurance puts the national network of AutoPresto workshops at your disposal, which includes a series of advantages exclusively for you. To get to know them in greater detail we recommend you consult the AutoPresto section in “Optional covers".

Inform the company as soon as possible, within seven days of the event. This way we will be able to carry out all the required administrative steps as efficiently as possible.

In the case of Plus Ultra Seguros you can tell us about the incident:

  • via your intermediary, who will go through the process with you and start with the administration.
  • By calling the 24 hour helpline, on 902 15 10 15.

You must send us any notifications you receive, as well as the Joint accident report , if there is one. If your car has been stolen, you must report it to the authorities immediately.

Essential information that must be gathered in case of an incident includes:

  • Date, time and place of incident.
  • Details of the drivers, insurance companies, and vehicles involved (registrations).
  • Name and contact telephone number of potential witnesses or injured parties.

You can complete your @utomatic all risks insurance with any of the extendable options which we place at your disposal. For more detailed information on the additional covers offered by this insurance, we recommend you visit “More information about your insurance”.

Why choose Plus Ultra Seguros?

Travel assistance from 0 km

Courtesy car

Repair service