Insurance for other vehicles

Insurance for other vehicles

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What does our insurance policy offer you?

As not all vehicles are the same, apart from offering you better protection for cars, we make available a solution for derivative vehicles such as vans, trailers or towable caravans, with an extensive number of covers and services from which to choose.

Benefits of this insurance

The best solution

If you already have insurance for your car, this will be the best solution for your van, trailer or towable caravan.


We have advisors who specialise in all types of vehicles so that taking out the insurance is easy and conforms with what you really need.

Extensive coverage

From essential obligatory and voluntary civil liability protection to other optional covers such as theft, fire or assistance while travelling.

Defending your interests

We offer you a legal aid service that defends your interests in cases of official infringements and in claims for damage.


Main coverage

This covers indemnities provided for by law as a result of damage to third parties caused by the vehicle insured. Apart from compulsory civil liability, this cover also includes voluntary civil liability, which extends the coverage stipulated by law and may amount to up to 50 million euros.

Additional coverage

This covers damage sustained by the vehicle insured while in circulation, idle, or being moved.


This insurance is aimed at people who wish to insure vehicles other than their normal car, for private use.

Other vehicles covers protection of vans for sporadic private and professional use, trucks, caravans, trailers or towable caravans.

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